Halfling Paladin of Shelyn


Str 13
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 7
Cha 16

AC: 18 T: 14 FF:15

F: 4 R: 4 W: 1


Mirabella, born to Boram and Yamyra was raised with one ideal: Art and Beauty bring joy to life. Her parents, themselves devout followers of Shelyn believed that the best and most effective way to bring joy to those without was through the arts.
As a result, Boram and Yamyra spent a lot of time attempting to teach their daughter all they knew about creating art. However, Mirabella was hopeless when it came to making something on her own.
Her figure drawings never progressed beyond stick figures, her paintings looked as if they were created by a stray cat who had fallen into a paint bucket, and the only string she could ever pluck without breaking was the one on her bow.
One day however, they discovered her talent: Whittling. Laugh as you may, her ability to create beautifully intricate figurines and carvings were the first thing she was able to show pride in.
When her parents joined the Fourth Crusade, Mira carved and lacquered two pairs of Shelyn’s Holy Symbol, giving one to each of her parents and keeping the matching pair for herself, engraving each with the name of the person who wore it. Leaving Mira in the care of the Temple of Shelyn, Boram and Yamyra set off to aid in purging the world of ugliness, so that beauty could spread in its place.
One morning however, Mira woke to find that the symbol carved with her father’s name had broken in the night. It was a few days later that she learned of his death.
Months went by before her mother’s broke.
Less than a week later, a man arrived: his armor well-worn and battle-scarred. He carried with him only her mother’s glaive and journal, apologizing for her loss and commending her bravery.
Once her grief started to pass, Mira began delving into her mother’s journal. Eventually, she learned that her parents would often steal away into the night, using the abilities they had honed to steal art from those who they felt were undeserving, gifting it anonymously to museums and Temple of Shelyn, where they could better serve their purpose of bringing joy to those who need it.
Learning of some of the less-than-honorable things her parents did and anger at their deaths eventually spun themselves into “realizing” ideals she felt they were lacking: Honor and Truthfulness. She took those ideas and eventually ran with it, living her life by a code of honor. She found ways to accomplish the same goals that her parents did, without resulting to common thievery. She traded art for favor, eventually honing an impressive talent with the bow.
Eventually, her path led her to Kenabres, feeling the pull of the crusades drawing her into a life where she may sacrifice herself to uphold that one ideal: Art and Beauty bring Joy to Life.

During her downtime, Mira is often found carving something. Wood is readily available most places she visits and she makes a habit of crafting and painting roses. As most followers of Shelyn believe, removing ugliness to bring about beauty is a difficult process. In order to aid this effort, Mira carries with her several hand-crafted wooden roses, which she places at locations that could use some beauty (often this is around a place where someone has been killed (even more often after she kills something she deems ugly))
Mirabella is very well kempt. Her hair, (dyed in a rainbow of colors to mimic Shelyn’s holy symbol) is as immaculate as one can expect to be in an adventurer and she is often found checking herself in a mirror to make sure every hair is in place. As a result of this vanity, she often misses even the most obvious things.
Her holy symbol (worn around her neck) is hand carved by herself and blessed at a temple of Shelyn. As a reminder, she keeps the broken symbols she gave to her parents attached to her weapons. Her mother’s rests on the pommel of her glaive, and her father’s dangles from the bottom of her bow so that their passion flows through them.
Despite the pain of learning her parent’s methods of deceit, Mira is still one of the most gullible women in Golarion, capable of falling for even the most outrageous of lies. (In fact, some of her more cruel classmates would occasionally tell her the sky had changed to purple and Shelyn was standing in the playground, laughing as she ran to see.)


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