Aasimar - Bloodrager - Celestial Bloodline


Str – 16
Dex – 14
Con – 14
Int – 8
Wis – 10
Cha – 14

AC – 16
HP – 12

Fort – 4
Reflex – 2
will Save – 0


Our family line stayed behind in the city of Iadara when the majority of our people left our homelands for the safety of Sovyarin. They swore to protect the city and the stone with their magic but most importantly, record the history of the world for when our race returns they could be fully aware of ides and flow of the land. They all thought that this would be a tranquil life of study and reflection, what occurred never was conceived.
One day, Treerazor emerged from the in search of the Sovyrian Stone to twist its power into something dark and evil, the remaining people were caught grossly off guard and unprepared. My parents were the last remaining elves to defend the Stone. After a short struggle they realized their victory would be impossible so they summoned their last bit of energy to channel an invisibility spell strong enough to protect them from the demon but close enough they could witness the plans he had for the stone. They thought that if by some miracle Treerazor could pervert the stone someone needed to know what rituals he performed so they could be undone.
For several weeks he preformed ritual after ritual on the stone with each failure more frustrating than the last, all the time my parents continued to channel their magic draining strength they knew they did not possess. A passing celestial that was monitoring the actions of Treerazor spotted my parents, in their weakened state their spells power was diminishing and were unaware of their exposure. Deeply moved by their selfless resistance and determination to protect their heritage the celestial approached them to replenish their life’s energy. Not wanting to be identified or to show favoritism, he transformed himself into a cool breeze and healed both of them, maybe a little too much, for they felt a power that they have never known.
Shortly after this experience, the Queen returned with our people to reclaim our homeland that my parents so vigorously protected. Moved by their commitment to their people the Queen issued special commission for both of my parents to work in her court as the royal historians of Golarian.
My parents received a great celebration from the entire court when they announce they were having a child. They were so excited that they could continue their family line considering everyone else was killed during the defense of the city. The Queen had even promised their line able to ascend to their royal post. Unfortunately, fate always has a way to intervene. When I was born, shock set across the royal court when I was revealed. How could there be an Asimar in this pure blood line. Under Elvish conservative law there could be no mixed blood within the royal court, this law even goes above the Queens desires.
Saddened by this, my parents took me into seclusion to secretly raise me and pass on their training in the arcane arts for they knew one day I would be cast out on my own. While I appreciated their lessons, I always preferred my steel. I don’t know why, I just get a feeling of security when my fingers are wrapped firmly around a hilt.
Lately, I have begun experiencing dreams; I see images of me standing over slain evil. I can never make out if they are demons, undead or the foul Drow our ancestors who abandoned the elves who remained behind when they needed them the most. All I know is these dreams are becoming more intense and more frequent even to the point of having them during the day.
This brings me to me current position in life. I will never forget the day I was sent from my home and away from my parents. My parents had just returned from their day in court, but they returned quite and without expression on their faces. The entire evening they just sat in their chairs starring out the window without a word. No matter what I asked or what I said there was no response. Just as I had settled in accepting that maybe they knew I was not practicing my lessons as planned there was a knock on the door. This was very unusual for we never had visitors; we were outcast for reasons unknown to me. When my father answered there stood a cloaked visitor he quietly invited her in and she took a position in the middle of the room. When she pulled her hood back I was amazed to find the most beautiful elf standing before me. My parents bowed the minute she turned around and I found myself bowing as if I did not have control of my own body. My mother spoke up only to introduce me saying “Ithildian, this is Queen Telandia, ruler of Kyonin, our friend. She is here to speak to you. Know that your father and I trust and agree with anything she says or commands” Queen Telendia looked up to speak to me saying “Ithildian do you know why your family lives in this part of the old city alone and away from the rest of the court?”
I simply shook my head sadly having to admit I have never thought about it. She continued “your parents have protected you well these past 94 years for you do not even realize how special you truly are. You are not like other elves for you are not elvin, you are Aasimar. Celestial blood flows through your veins for reasons we do not know and with that you are blessed with powers to destroy evil that most can only dream of. It is time for us to drive Treegazer and his horde from the Tanglebriar so we can concentrate on the growth of our people. I want you to become my champion to lead our people in this fight. While your parents harbor more information that all of my other scholars combined they do not have the knowledge to train you to tap into this power. For this I am sending you to a place where Aasimars gather in large numbers. You must join a crusade to venture into the world wound. You will find many Aasimars fighting vigorously against evil and you must learn from them so you can come back and lead my armies. I am sending you first to the city of Kenabres, their holy day celebration that marks the beginning of a march is shortly upon us and strongly suggest you arrive in this time so you can find a crusade to join.”
After the Queen finished she quietly put her hood back on and made her way out the door. Immediately after she left my father handed me a pack and my first weapon then stated “Our Queen and taken a great risk coming to you there is much in fighting that we have not shared but know that she is putting a great deal of hope in our family. Use what we have taught you and build upon it, you will make us proud.”


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